Former Federal Permanent Secretary and the governorship of candidate Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Dr Godknows Igali, has promised to positively transform Bayelsa State using his ‘Project Bayelsa’, if elected the governor of the oil-rich state in November.

Speaking in Abuja while collecting the Expression of Interest form to contest the election on the platform of the Igali, who noted that the state had the potential to become Nigeria’s ‘El-Dorado’, gave the assurance that he would deploy his vast experience in the public sector to give Bayelsa a deserving leadership.

“It is on this account, that our main Work Plan in Bayelsa, if given the opportunity to serve, would be on ensuring that the state leads not just Nigeria in reasonally attaining some of the irreducible standards of modern living as well articulated in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),” he said.

He added that “the quest for attainment of the SDG goals, which by the way appears to cover every aspect of qualitative and beneficial human existence and environmental order, would be a guiding benchmark,” he noted.

He enumerated the issues central to his plan to include; physical security and peaceful existence (homegrown and community based security, ADR and Dialogue focused solutions, ICT and application of New Technological solutions).

“Human security and human development (rebuilding and modernization of schools and health facilities for universal coverage, comprehensive health insurance and social welfare, special maternal care, children welfare and nutrition support programme), massive public housing and robust/affordable mortgage scheme”

“Large-scale infrastructural development (urban renewal, roads, embedded gas based power supply agenda and energy efficiency, water supply, optimization of Bayelsa Cargo Airport, Agge Port, specialized harbours, etc) through modern and innovative funding strategies.

“Entrepreneurship and low carbon/green Economic Growth, with special focus on Micro, Small and medium sized businesses incubation as well as Downstream oil and Gas Agriculture, The Marine Econony (Deep Sea Fishing, Shipping & Cabbotage Service and Mineral resource exploitation), Innovation and Technology, Youth and Women inclusive and empowerment programmes”.

‘Innovative Infrastructural and Social Investment Funding Strategies. Environmental Security & Ecological remediation programme, (revisit the expected Report of Bayelsa Oil and Environment Commission under Archbishop John Sentamu as well as 2012 UNEP), tackle climate change, sea rise and ocean surge, as well as coastal erosion,” he said.

The former envoy also promised to pursue diligently the Ijaw Question as fourth largest ethnic group in Nigeria (language, identity, cultural revival, safety and peace).

He added that he would promote regional integration (intra South-South, South-South/South-East, etc).

“The Nigerian Question. (Advance the Restructuring, Resource control and fiscal federalism, devolution, devolution of power).

He said he planned to “unveil details of my work plan and the timelines which we have allocated to each of the various activities. We also expect to have conversations with various stakeholders on all pertinent issues. I also look forward to clearly issued-based debates and conversations with other aspirants as we march towards candidature”.

He stressed that while no one could claim to have any magic wand or possess special gifts of reinventing the wheel, he would strive to put the state on global map of human and material development compared to none.