Yinka Adekoya, MD/CEO

Coronation Insurance (Formerly Wapic Insurance)
has assured its policyholders of its readiness to assist them cushion the negative effect of resent protest across the country.
According the firm, “It is with deep sadness that all of us at Coronation Insurance (formerly Wapic Insurance) have observed the recent tragic events unfolding in Nigeria. We support the right to non-violent protest, but deplore the unnecessary loss of human lives.

With sincerity we call for peaceful reconciliation, true patriotism and unity for all Nigerians.

At this time, Coronation Insurance would like to reassure our clients and the general public that,following the recent monumental loss of human life and damage to property and assets across the nation, we have shifted to our highest gear to get our customers the most appropriate help as quicklyas possible at this time of need.

We believe that insurance companies must ensure their clients do not have to wait for assistance after a disaster occurs by proactively collating information of damage and losses as well as responding to claims with speed and precision. We are well aware that our customers are dealing with numerous difficulties at this time and the last thing they want is a painful and challenging claims process.

We want our customers to return to their normal way of life as soon as possible and have put in place a claims response platform for real-time communication and easy sharing of loss evidence to fast-track claims processing” it stated.

Our emergency payment methods will assist to relieve your immediate spending pressures and help you get back on your feet within the quickest period of time.

Please use our dedicated helplines for emergencies and you can also ask to speak to one of our experts for advice and assistance on what to do next. Our channels are available 24/7 so that you can make enquiries and report claims seamlessly. We encourage you to use them to minimise physical visits.
• For enquires, claims or purchases, please visit www.coronationinsurance.com.ng, or call our contact centre on 01-2774500, 01-2774566, or email contactcentre@coronationinsurance.com.ng

• You can also download our Coronation Insurance Mobile App via Google play or the App Store for your Android or Apple devices respectively, to access our services conveniently on your mobile phones from anywhere in Nigeria.

• Our social media channels are equally active for all enquiries. Please reach us via Coronationinsur on Facebook and Twitter; Coronation_Insur on Instagram; and Coronation Insurance Plc on LinkedIn.

We respectfully call on all citizens to embark on the collaborative rebuilding of all that we have lost in the past week.